I’m Corenne

aka Mommy

aka Gramma

aka Coco.

Being ME has been an adventure. I was born wild and often in trouble – for my impulsive antics and my sharp tongue. When I did try to behave or be “normal” it left me conflicted, like I was betraying myself.

But childhood trauma, a bad marriage, and cancer could not break my spirit.

Years of therapy have helped me unpack my traumas and understand the motivation behind my triggers and default settings. A common theme has been the struggle with self-acceptance.

That “aha” moment when a lesson clicks is mind-blowing. Finally, I can say that I am authentically ME.

My blog is a collection of my work – the stories I’ve written and the tales of my experiences and the lessons they’ve taught me. It’s an ever-evolving space that mirrors the changes I adopt in my life.

I want to have epic conversations, connect with kindred spirits, and tell our stories for generations to come. We will challenge society’s norms and forge a community built on acceptance and inclusion.

No more square peg, round hole.

Welcome! Get comfortable, and let’s go for a wild ride!

If you want to know a little more about me, have a look at this fun facts post!

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