Picture of a guinea pig in a blanket

The Universe’s Guinea Pig

Hey hey, (yes I mean it like the chicken in Moana)

Let me get right to it – I LOVE to talk. Honestly, I can talk all day long, and while working remotely and by myself, I still manage to talk enough that an ex once got upset and said he doesn’t know when I’m talking to him or myself and whether he should be answering me. Oops.

I have a lot to say! I’m opinionated. I’m passionate. I do not believe in suffering in silence (my face tells you exactly what I’m thinking anyway). I often find myself in the middle of a new adventure.

I like to imagine I’m the universe’s guinea pig and I get thrown into situations to see if that scenario should be rolled out to the general population. I can confirm that many of my experiences are unique so, “what can I say except you’re welcome” (I hope you sang that with me!).

I also imagine that I get assigned to the newbies at Guardian Angel School, and it’s a baptism of fire keeping me alive or out of jail long enough for them to graduate to gen-pop – cause if they can survive me they can take care of anyone.

Equal to how much I love to talk, is my love for writing. As far back as I can remember I’ve loved the feel of pen on paper. Not just any pen (enter stationery obsession here), but the right pen on the right paper and I can write forever. Oddly enough, I’m ambidextrous too. It’s gotta mean something… right?

Writing for me is an expression, it’s emotional, it’s making sense of things. It’s telling a story. That’s who I am – a storyteller. I’ve started writing a novel, left it, picked it up again, and right now I’m deep in the “better start over because I’ve done so much soul work the story no longer connects with me” phase. I want to write novel after novel and see my books in print.

Lately, I’ve also been itching to start a podcast. And I don’t just mean the extremely long voice notes I am known for sending in WhatsApp… sorry, not sorry.

I imagine this podcast being a space to just talk. About anything. About everything. I imagine being able to talk to women (primarily but not exclusively) about our journey on this planet and navigating the different phases of our lives.
I imagine this sanctuary that allows us to return to our wilder selves, comfortable in our skin, sharing our stories, medicines, and rituals that the generations to come can take forward. And never forget again.

So where do I start?

Right here.
Right now.
(That’s another song, you know you sang that too.)

This blog will be my journal as I find my voice to ultimately discover, embrace and honour the real me. I will find the courage to write MY STORY. Without shame. Without guilt. I’ll stand exposed and raw knowing someone needed to hear it. At the end of the day, we all think we’re alone in this but we share similar experiences and these conversations set us free.

I’ll share random thoughts, snapshots of my day (yes you will see my cat – a lot!), short stories as I practice writing, and I’ll take you on my journey.

I would love feedback – support, encouragement, and helpful tips to get where I’m going – so please comment. But, just know, this is a space for growth and positivity (even though some topics will get heavy and dark and we will cry), so if you want to be an asshole, you better move along. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit. Also, I will swear. A lot.

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