Have the Audacity
to be Yourself!

I’m on a journey of Self-Acceptance.
I’m taking up space.
I’m ruffling feathers.
I’m being Audacious.

The Big Stuff (best place to start)

laptop coffee and a notebook open on a desk
Type written once upon a time

I’m writing a book!

This project has been delayed! Read the update!

The Wild Side!

Life is an adventure! Follow along on my journey in what I call my journal entries. Hopefully you learn something, at the very least you will be entertained.

Story Time!

Once a month I write a story as part of my YOU ChooseDay feature. Basically YOU Choose what I write about. The random prompts challenge me to write something out of the ordinary.

The Latest Story (you’re gonna want more)

Nebula Chronicles –
Mischief in Time

A young alien, to fit in with the popular kids, accepts a dare to visit earth and retrieve a souvenir as proof. His mission goes awry when he is caught by Earthling police. Surviving his punishment he learns a lesson inĀ familialĀ bonds.

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